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Entry #2


2010-12-02 02:32:01 by t3hr00tb33r

"This user has not been scouted yet"
?! >_<

Hey Vegeta--what does the scouter say about my artworks?
Vegeta: "It hasn't been SCOOOOUUUUUUTEEDD!!"

A.D.D. Moment over; but srsly...can haz a scout on my artz plz?


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2010-12-02 02:51:44

You need at least four art submissions to be scouted. I recommended you, though. :)

t3hr00tb33r responds:

Sweet! Thanks!
Now to submit 3 more art pieces...hmmmm
Thanks for the comment or I'd never would have gotten it right lol


2010-12-02 03:07:59

yeah, 4 or more to get scouted. also it is kind of a no no to ask to be scouted. it's kind of a common courtesy

t3hr00tb33r responds:

Oh, I see. Didn't really know that lol
I am a dummeh. XD